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  • NX Infrastructure products are a stainless steel clad composite products with a carbon steel core.They are made through a patented "green" process which results in a metallurgical bond during hot-rolling between its durable corrosion resistant outer stainless steel cladding and its carbon steel core.

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  • NX Infrastructure (NXIL) manufactures and distributes corrosion resistant steel reinforcement bar (“rebar”) and dowel for use in reinforced concrete in civil engineering projects, such as bridges, roads, canals, dams, ports, airports, wind-mill farms, water and waste treatment plants and buildings.   

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latest news

  • 01.05.2013

    NXIL Board calls further NXIL Noteholder Meeting to ratify

  • 01.04.2013

    NXIL Board upgrades website and commences

  • 01.03.2013

    NXIL Board decides to seek funding for preliminary expenses

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